If you love Hello Kitty and craving Japanese cuisine, visiting the Hello Kitty pop-up cafe in Tombo Fitzrovia was the place to be for six weeks from 1 September until 8 October. My friend and I arrived hungry and excited! On the to-do list: HELLO KITTY lunch and shopping. We were very lucky that it was such a beautiful day.

At Tombo’s, they’re on fleek when it comes to the latest food trends. They specialize in sushi bowls and matcha tea. We’ve enjoyed the experience and had a great time! A gentle disclaimer, I’m not obsessed with Hello Kitty, but it’s just so frigging cute! It was a perfectly good excuse to visit London again and to have some fun. Cuz, that’s what eating is all about.

Even though it’s a small but popular restaurant, we managed to get there before the big crowd. Luckily we got a table right away. While waiting for my order, I wanted to check out the Hello Kitty merchandise. On sale: a special Hello Kitty tea, as well ceremonial grade matcha tea tins, matcha latte mix, and new flavor Kukicha green tea infused with yuzu. Also Hello Kitty postcards, posters, tote bags, matcha tea sets and Hello Kitty artwork designs.

Especially for the Hello Kitty pop-up cafe, they had created a Hello Kitty themed menu. At first, I didn’t know what to order, I wanted to try it all. Curious to see how it will be presented, but I had to make a choice.

I knew immediately that I wanted the Poké bowl with salmon. When it arrived, it looked so yummy! It was almost too adorable to eat. The presentation looked very Kawaii. It was a happy tasty looking bowl with vegetables cut into hearts and hello kitty faces and a pink pasta bow! The rice was shaped in a hello kitty face and flavored with soy sauce. It was so much fun to dive in and enjoy all the goodness. As always, you eat with your eyes too.

As a huge matcha lover (addict), I was delighted that they gave the matcha latte a wow factor with the hello kitty print on the foamed milk. My Hello Kitty matcha latte looked a bit like a pirate!

I couldn’t wait for dessert! I wanted the strawberry and cream Dorayaku (Japanese pancake), but unfortunately, that was not available at that time. As tempting as the matcha frappe milkshake was, the matcha berry sundae was calling for me. It was even better than I expected. The ice cream had a strong matcha flavor, decorated with yummy toppings. It looked like a Hello Kitty party with the pink chocolate stick, pink chocolate Hello Kitty, pink sprinkles, fresh strawberry and a sticky strawberry sauce. Underneath the ice-cream was a hidden piece of matcha cake and granola.

It was an unforgettable experience having lunch at the Hello Kitty pop-up cafe. Next time I’m in London I’ll definitely be visiting this place again.

X Merula