That foodie kitchen

My first blog post, for everyone to read. How exciting is that! At least for me, it is. I love sharing stories and showing pictures to friends and family. I take pictures of food, my kids, and other interesting things daily anyway. Meanwhile, I was always checking out many food, lifestyle, and travel blogs for entertainments as well for inspiration. It’s obviously really different when other people can read all about your adventures too. But the urge of having my own blog was getting bigger so I finally decided to just go for it. In other words, don’t overthink it. Be me and enjoy the journey.

There is a lot I want to share but where to start… Well, because eating and cooking will be the main content of my blog, I want to give you a little tour of my kitchen. It’s no surprise that I spend a lot of time in this part of the house. When we just bought the house, the first priority for me was the new kitchen! I’ve always wanted a bar where we can sit, eat and chat. Got it! As for the look, a contemporary style with white cabinets and lots of space for my cooking tools. Like most accessories in the house, the kitchen tools and pots and pans, are dark red as well. Now 9 years later I’m still happy with the look.

Chopping carrots

The first time that I had to cook on an induction stove I was pleasantly surprised by how efficient is it turned out to be. It can be quickly turned off, has safety advantages compared to a gas hob and it’s really easy to clean.

You’ll always find fresh fruit in my kitchen. It’s the perfect snack and often the main ingredient for smoothies and juices. We are fruitmonsters!

This is my favorite knife, I use this big knife mostly for chopping vegetables and herbs.

A couple Items that I use daily/weekly are the oven, thermomix, slow juicer, and the espresso machine. The beverage jar not as often as I would like but in the spring/summer time I’ll make up for it. Until now I use the mixer only when I’m baking. Lately, I’m thinking about adding the pasta maker attachment set to do more with the mixer.

I think you don’t have to be a coffee snob to prefer good coffee, right? This espresso machine makes excellent coffee due to the pressure of the pump. It may not be a conventional one and it’s big but it looks great and it’s simple to use too. I still have to practice a lot to even come close to a barista skill level.

My cute Hello Kitty espresso mugs

This was very exciting for me, but I’m happy that I went for it. I hope that you liked this post. Feel free to leave me a comment, suggestion or question. See you soon!

X Merula